Virtually overnight, the lives of our brave doctors, nurses, and EMTs have been completely transformed by COVID-19.

By providing nutritious meals delivered directly to hospitals, we are caring for medical professionals’ health and showing we appreciate the absolutely vital work they do to help keep the rest of us safe.

Sponsoring an entire hospital allows both restaurants and hospitals to plan ahead and allocate resources in the most efficient way possible, relieving massive stress on the system and maximizing the power of your generous donation.

Sponsorship levels feed the ER and ICU teams, including doctors, nurses, other medical staff, and support staff. For example, at Kings County Hospital in Queens, NY, we were able to distribute the meals to Emergency Department Doctors and Registered Nurses, Behavioral Health Staff, Respiratory Therapy Staff, and Hospital Police & Environmental Staff.

Our average cost per meal is currently $10.50, including tips for the restaurant and delivery workers, and we hope to bring that number down to $10 or less soon. The Doing4Others nonprofit is entirely volunteer-run and all donations go directly to feeding hospital workers. 

To show our appreciation, sponsors will receive mentions on any future emails to our donors, have logos placed on our site, and will be thanked on all our social media. If you'd like to get in touch, please email us at sponsorships@doing4others.org for more information.

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Want to start a fundraising page for your team or alumni group? We can help you set a goal and coordinate donations.

Does your employer participate in donation matching with Benevity? We are an approved non-profit and your donation may be eligible for matching. Please contact your employer for details on how to donate with Benevity.

"Every meal we receive is more than nutrition, it’s a morale booster, it’s a reminder that we are not in this alone.​"

"Many people don’t realize, but doctors in hospitals are not only more likely to get sick but also more likely to have worse outcomes, as the severity of illness increases with
prolonged exposure.

I particularly worry about all the medical residents, who now work an unlimited number of hours as the restrictions on their workdays and workweeks have been lifted.

We need our medical personnel to stay healthy and optimistic. That is why support that we see from the public is so important to us."


Dr. Gregory Gutin

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